The hand-me-down, reimagined

Sibling provides a necessary alternative to the high rate of consumption and waste in the fashion industry. By transforming what already exists through artful repairs and unconventional tailoring, we create a sartorial edit of one-of-a-kind pieces that are released in small batches. Clothes that were once cast aside are given renewed life through our lens of meticulous, understated design and modern silhouettes.

Our Approach

How we work

We source high-quality, vintage closet essentials often discarded in surplus. Whenever possible, we source our raw goods from local thrift shops with a charitable mission. We employ and produce locally, a priority that defines our holistic approach to circular design: creating an economy of giving just as much as we take. We are committed to evolving and improving, educating our community on conscious consumption, and inspiring the same in the industry at large.

Our Ethos

Changing the narrative

For us, circular design isn't a buzz phrase or a marketing tactic. It's a conscious and iterative approach through which we are rethinking processes, from design through production. It is the constant striving to redefine what is new, what is valuable, what should be celebrated.Our process is our story, and our clothes will become a part of yours.

Our Founder

Founder story

Sibling was founded by seasoned NYC designer, Emily Bryngelson in late 2020, Emily reached a breaking point in her search for a company that aligned with her values in both philosophy and practice. She started Sibling from humble beginnings at her kitchen table in lockdown, to marry the world of fashion that she loves, with the world of sustainability that so often lacks the aesthetic she seeks in her own wardrobe.

Our brand and name honors Emily's older sister, Jenna, who she lost in early 2020 and inspired the meaningful shift in mindset. Growing up, Jenna often handed down her clothes to Emily, which correlates to the core mission of Sibling: use what we have and honor the history of objects so that their spirit can live on.

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